Carnmore, Carnmore East, and Carnmore West townland minor placenames

The minor placenames of the townlands of Carnmore, Carnmore East, and Carnmore West, in the parish of Claregalway, Co. Galway


The minor placenames of the townlands of Carnmore, Carnmore East, and Carnmore West, in the parish of Claregalway, Co. Galway

The townlands of Carnmore, Carnmore East, and Carnmore West are peculiar, being split split between two parishes and two baronies:

Carnmore – Parish of Athenry, Barony of Clare

Carnmore West – Parish of Claregalway, Barony of Dunkellin

Carnmore East – Parish of Claregalway, Barony of Clare


At the time of the  Ordnance Survey Name Books in the 1830s, the townlands are recorded as:

  • Carnmore – ‘It is the property of Mr. Blake, containing 169½ statute acres, 1/3 rd. of which is cultivated, the remainder dry heathy pasture. It is bounded on North by the road from Galway to Athenry and at an angle near the centre of its West side is a spot called Cruckanashan?. 
  • Carnmore West – ‘It is the property of Mr. Blake, County of Mayo. All under cultivation with the exception of a few patches of rocky pasture. Near the townland centre stands the ruin of an old Castle, a portion of its North end is subject to Winter floods, and at its western extremity stands a Trigl. Station 136 feet above the level of the sea, near which is a village of houses’
  • Carnmore East – ‘It is the property of Mr. Blake of County of Mayo. Half the townland is cultivated. The remainder heathy pasture. The road from Galway to Monivea forms its South boundary. Subject to winter floods. From a very large heap or pile of stones which was there from this heap most of the walls were built that bounds the townland.’

Our work in the townlands during 2020 identified 48 minor placenames and places of interest known locally. These are marked on the map below, and included in tabulated format. These placenames were collected from TJ Hynes,  Roddy Kenny, Michael Fox, Malachy Hanly, Phil Clarke, William Flaherty, Fergus Hanley, Joe Lardner, Noel Grealish, John Carr, Declan Collins and Mary Walsh.

Carnmore Road Flooding during November 2009

Carnmore Road Flooding during November 2009

This work is on-going. If you know of any other minor placenames in the parish of Claregalway that may be of interest, and you would like to contribute to our survey, please do get in touch.

TownlandPlacename (Gaeilge)Placename (English)CollectorInformant
Carnmore EastFarm MountainSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastAn CnocánSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastMóinín AboveSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastMóinín BelowSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastSmall MountainSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastClover FieldSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastCross WallSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastPáircínSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastField of the HouseSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastCarraigSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore EastThe Three GardensSeamus O’ConnellT.J. Hynes
Carnmore WestAn CnocánPat CoenRoddy Kenny
Carnmore WestLiosPat CoenRoddy Kenny
Carnmore WestAn SeanbhailePat CoenRoddy Kenny
Carnmore WestThe Big FieldPat CoenMichael Fox
Carnmore WestThe Rough FieldPat CoenMichael Fox
Carnmore WestLisínPat CoenMichael Fox
Carnmore WestCloch MhaolPat CoenMichael Fox
Carnmore WestWell (Sundial)Pat CoenMalachy Hanly
Carnmore WestCaher BoreenPat CoenTom Hynes
Carnmore WestCaher WellPat CoenTom Hynes
Carnmore WestCreigínPat CoenPhil Clarke
Carnmore WestClais BraonPat CoenPhil Clarke
Carnmore WestCnocán MórPat CoenPhil Clarke
Carnmore WestPark or HeathPat CoenPhil Clarke
Carnmore WestWhite PaircínPat CoenPhil Clarke
Carnmore WestMass Rock (Site of)Pat CoenWilliam Flaherty
Carnmore WestPáirc na RásaíPat CoenFergus Hanley
Carnmore WestStiall MhórPat CoenFergus Hanley
Carnmore WestWell Pat CoenFergus Hanley
Carnmore WestAn TuairínPat CoenFergus Hanley
Carnmore WestKings FieldPat CoenFergus Hanley
Carnmore WestDruileálPat CoenNellie Walshe
Carnmore WestBulls FieldPat CoenJoe Lardner
Carnmore WestThe tank fieldPat CoenJoe Lardner
Carnmore WestThe CreggPat CoenJoe Lardner
Carnmore WestBallynewPat CoenNoel Grealish
Carnmore WestTobar Baile NuaPat CoenNoel Grealish
Carnmore WestPáirc Na MhucaíPat CoenNoel Grealish
Carnmore WestBothar ScathailPat CoenJohn Carr
Carnmore WestThe Iron Gate FieldPat CoenJohn Carr
Carnmore WestGart a’ phisaPat CoenJohn Carr
Carnmore WestPáircín SheamaisPat CoenJohn Carr
Carnmore WestAn ThuairPat CoenJohn Carr
Carnmore WestAn Balla MórPat CoenDeclan Collins
Carnmore WestAn Cúinne CamPat CoenMary Walsh
Carnmore WestGarraí EammonPat CoenMary Walsh
Carnmore WestTobar na gCailíPat CoenMary Walsh
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