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Julia was living with her mother, Mary Spellman, at the time of the census in 1901. It states Mary was the head of the family. Mary and Julia are under the ‘Spellman, Mary and Family‘ surname in the Families of Cregboy.



Census of Ireland 1911

Household Return (Form A)

By 1911 Mary has now passed and Julia now 36 years is Head of the Family.   There are three new columns in the 1911 census, ‘Years Married’, ‘Children Born’ and ‘Children Living’.  Julia is single so she did not fill out these columns. She is now as ‘Domestic Servant’, the nature of work is not given.


Enumerator’s abstract (Form N)

Julia is the sole person living in the house.


House and Building Return (Form B1) & Out-Offices and Farm-Steadings Return (Form B2)

Bridget Duggan, a neighbour was now the landholder of the house Julia lived in. The house was the existing house. It now had two front windows and it had one room occupied. There was now no out-houses.


The 1911 Irish Census took place the night of Sunday, April 2nd and the forms were filled out by Julia as noted by her signature. The return was witnessed and collected by local constable Thomas Fitzgerald on April 8th.

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Census of Ireland 1926

The next census in Ireland was not taken until 1926.  It was not taken in 1921 as Ireland was in the midst the ‘War of Independence’ against Britain. By 1926 Ireland was a Free State and the government was able to take their first census.  The official due date for the release of the 1926 Census is January 1st, 2027 as there is a 100 year privacy law in Ireland. There have been many attempts to have an earlier release date, but to no avail yet.



Questions that can arise…

Why can ages by out by years from the 1901 census to the 1911?

Why is there no record of female occupation in some cases?

In the 1911, if a woman is a widow and head of the household why can I not see how many children she had?

Were the houses actually numbered?

What does Form A, N, B1 and B2 mean?

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  • I have found a Mary (Daly) Spellman working my Dalys – She had a sister Honora (Daly) McHugh. Inthink they are sisters to my Pat Daly in Galway & If I’m right Mary’s parents are Michael & Bridget(?) Daly. If anyone is interested I would love to collaborate. Thanks – Thomas

    By Thomas (31/01/2020)
  • Hi Thomas,
    In the 1901 Census for Galway/Carnmore/Cregboy, the occupants of house no. 5 are Mary and Julia Spellman. I notice that the occupants of house no. 11 are Dalys. The Census does not make any link or relationship between occupants of different houses whether those houses are in the same town-land or parish.

    Brendan Noonan, The Claregalway Historical Society.

    By brendan (02/02/2020)

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