Heany, Nappy and Family



Griffith’s Valuation

In Griffith’s Valuation, the total area of the townland of Cregboy was 676a (acres), 0r (rood) and 8p (perches) with a land value of £196 (pounds) 6s (shillings) and 0d (pence). Value of Buildings was £26 1s and 0d. Total valuation of £222 6s 0d.


Nappy (Penelope/Nuala/Fionnnula) Heany’s description of her tenement was that of a house, office (out-house)with land of 8 acres and 20 perches and the monetary value was £2 and 10 shillings.  The building value was £1. There was also additional land in a different location of 3 acres, 3 roods and 37 perches she shared with neighbours Owen Daly and Michael Moran. The value of her part of the land was 8 shillings. This gave a total to Nappy’s tenement value of £3 18 shillings.

Immediate Lessor

James Galbraith was the landlord and owned Nappy’s tenement.

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Census 1901 and 1911

There are no Heany’s living in the townland of Cregboy durning both census

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Location(s) of possible Heany/Heaney family or descendants in the Parish of Claregalway





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