Historical 25inch Map (1890-1913)
Barrow, Waterdale, ORTHO 2005


There is a site recorded (GA070-100) in the parish. It is in the townland of Waterdale.


Barrow – unclassified

An artificial mound of earth or earth and stone, normally constructed to contain or conceal burials. Used where it is not possible to identify the specific type. See also Barrow – bowl-barrow, Barrow – ditch barrow, Barrow – embanked barrow, Barrow – mound barrow, Barrow – pond barrow, Barrow – ring-barrow and Barrow – stepped barrow. These are part of the Bronze/Iron Age burial tradition (c. 2400 BC – AD 400).


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The National Monument Service | Class List Definitions



All recorded archaeological monuments are protected under the National Monuments Acts 1930-2004. Visitors to monuments on lands in private ownership should request permission from the landowner.





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